Role playing Christians

In my early 20’s, after i said the sinner’s prayer, I considered myself part of the Family, “Jesus’ adopted kid sister” so to speak. Later, when I needed marriage counseling, a southern Baptist minister said I should consider God as my provider. Yet, the idea was difficult to umderstand, how to relate? These were just words until i could experience what it felt like to have a Dad. Other people had Dads, but mine was reserved, absent, then gone. Other people’s dads tried to help, but it didnt seem quite the same.

Ive discovered something interesting though. I read in the book The Lost Goddess that the first Gnostic Christians took turns in various roles, including the “Role” of Jesus Himself. Man, that must have been sheer bravery. Would you volunteer to be Jesus now? Risk going through … ? Ive only got one word for that: Heavy. Good thing we don’t have to, right? Or, what… I’m confused. I haven’t met Jesus in person, so I really wouldnt know how to “do” Jesus. All we have are a few of His words…

Jesus said only He knows the Good Father, and that He went to be at His right hand. And that He could make us fishers of men.

So I was hanging out at the park the other day… overhearing a conversation of a twenty-ish son with his dad, and I began to imagine, what if the son were being the role of Jesus, just chatting about life with his Dad patiently listening, nodding his head, and I let my imagination roll with it …

And then they started talking about fishing… whoa, So I just let my imagination roll with that too, slightly stoned, imagining them talking about fish as if they were talking about people. All their jargon about where the fish would be, what kind of bait each different fish required, or what patience it took that day, and then the fun he described reeling in such a fighter and discovering it was such a small fish…

it was profound.

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